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The 16 Myers Briggs Types

The 16 different personality types are defined by four different dichotomies (pairs of preference):

Extraversion / Introversion
Sensing / iNtuition
Thinking / Feeling
Judging / Perceiving

These types only indicate an individual's preferences in everyday life they do not measure aptitude. The idea behind the Myers Briggs Type Indicator is that an individual intrinsically prefers one type over the other and not some of both.

The words used for each preference type aren't always literally translateable to everyday use of the terms. A quick synopsis of the different dichomoties is as follows:

Extraversion (E) and Introversion (I) are typically thought of as attitudes.

Sensing (S) and iNtuition (N), Thinking (T) and Feeling (F) are functions. Everybody has one dominant function, which is listed in their personality type after their attitudes. The dominant function is supported by the auxilary function which is listed next. All of the functions support the attitude and they do so either in an Extraverted or Introverted way.

Juding (J) and Perceiving (P) are lifestyle functions that are used in relation to relating with the outside world.

A person's whole type is much more the sum of the four types. A whole type is defined by how the individual types uniquely interact with each other.

The sixteen different Myers Briggs personality types defined by the above functions and attitudes are:
ISTJ Personality
ISFJ Personality
INFJ Personality
INTJ Personality
ISTP Personality
ISFP Personality
INFP Personality
INTP Personality
ESTP Personality
ESFP Personality
ENFP Personality
ENTP Personality
ESTJ Personality
ESFJ Personality
ENFJ Personality
ENTJ Personality

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