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Do you know what careers correlate to your personal style and strengths?
Your personality traits greatly impact the satisfaction you feel from your professional career. Allow the Strong Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs assessments to align your personal preferences with fruitful career opportunities.

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MBTI® Step I Profile (Form M) - $39.95
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I Profile is our most basic report which provides with your four letter personality type and a brief analysis of your personality preferences.
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MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report (Form Q) - $79.95
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II Interpretive Report is our most in-depth and popular personality test offering. It is a highly personalized narrative and graphic report that helps you understand your personality preferences based on your responses. The MBTI® Step II will provide you with a detailed analysis of your four letter personality type across 20 different subscales. These results are then applied to four important components of personal development (communication, change management, decision making, and conflict management) in order to suggest ways of using your personal style more effectively.
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Myers Briggs Career Report
The Myers-Briggs Career Report will help you understand how your personality type impacts career exploration in order to assist you in finding a job that matches your personal style and goals. Additionally, the report provides insight on how your individual style would correlate with certain career fields including healthcare, business and technology.

Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive Report
The Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive Report is the most commonly used career test by both career and educational counselors. The report will narrow down the top 10 occupations that would be most satisfying to you based on your personal preferences in order to provide you a blue print of how to explore and aspire to find a fruitful life of work and leisure.

Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory Profile
The Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory Profile is a very personalized report that clearly describes and illustrates your particular interests and preferences and how they link to numerous jobs, work settings, and career fields. The report consists of career-specific suggestions and an analysis of work environments that would be perfect for you. Additionally, we offer High School and College editions of the Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory Profile in order to provide guidance to students in choosing areas of study and extracurricular activities.

Career Path Discovery Package
The Career Path Package combines the two most popular and widely used career assessment tools to provide you with a comprehensive view of both your personal and occupational styles and preferences. The package results will help you to identify suggested occupations with emphasis on those suggested by both instruments in order to help you better understand your personal style and career options. The Career Path Package includes the Myers-Briggs Career Report, the Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory Profile, and the Strong/MBTI Career Report.

Career Transition Package
The Career Transition Package is designed specifically for those individuals seeking a career change. By combining our most in-depth personality test offering with our most popular career assessment, we will help you identify aspects of your current job that you would like to change and suggest specific occupations that better correlate with your personal style. The Career Transition Package includes the Myers-Brigs Career Report, the Newly Revised Strong Interest Inventory Interpretive Report, and the Work/Life Values checklist.

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