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Do you know what your personality type is?
Everyone has different personality traits very specific to themselves. These traits will affect all aspects of your life. Take one of our Myers-Briggs or CPI 260 tests below to learn more about your personality type today.

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MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report  |  View Example Test
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step II Interpretive Report is our most in-depth and popular personality test offering. It is a highly personalized narrative and graphic report that helps you understand your personality preferences based on your responses. The MBTI® Step II will provide you with a detailed analysis of your four letter personality type across 20 different subscales. These results are then applied to four important components of personal development (communication, change management, decision making, and conflict management) in order to suggest ways of using your personal style more effectively.

Price: $80.00

MBTI® Step I Interpretive Report  |  View Example Test
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I Interpretive Report helps you understand your personal style through a detailed analysis of your four letter personality type. The MBTI® Step I will help you understand how your personality preferences impact yourself, your work-life, and your relationships.

Price: $60.00

MBTI® Step I Profile  |  View Example Test
The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I Profile is our most basic report which provides with your four letter personality type and a brief analysis of your personality preferences.

Price: $40.00

CPI 260  |   View Example Test
The CPI 260® assessment will help you understand your personal strengths and opportunities for development. The CPI 260® is a comprehesive assessment that measures your personality across three scales (interpersonal approach, intrapersonal values, level of satisfaction) which are then analyzed over five broad categories: dealing with others, self-management skills, personal motivations & thinking style, personal characteristics, and work-related characteristics. It offers logical, matter-of-fact insights to assist you in developing yourself and your career.

Price: $70.00

Personality Test Package
Learn all about your personal preferences and opportunities for development with the Personality Package. Discover your four letter personality type and understand how it impacts and correlates to your personal style. The Personality Package combines the MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report and the CPI 260® assessment in order to help you gain personal strength through self-awareness.

Price: $130.00

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