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ENFJ - The Charismatic Charmer

People with the ENFJ personality type are most comfortable when interacting with people. Communicating with others in a manner that stimulates a connecton energizes them. They have a refined intuition about others and leverage that intuition through persuasion, collaboration, and building consensus. ENFJ types have a powerful communicative ability to inspire the people around them, eliciting the response that is most likely to yield the results they want. They eschew theory and avoid analytical situations that are devoid of interaction with people.

Below, we'll describe ENFJs' unique grasp of interpersonal skills and their natural fondness for exploring life's exciting possibilities. We'll also explain how a few of their tendencies can lead to significant challenges in their life.

Interpersonal Mastery

While several personality types are skilled, and even adept, at establishing and maintaining interpersonal relationships, the instincts of ENFJs make them natural masters of the craft. They are sharply focused on other people and have a baffling ability to anticipate the desires and needs of those around them. They are inherently interested in helping others achieve their potential, even if those people don't share the same enthusiasm.

People with the ENFJ trait have an innate charisma that accords their words and actions with a refined persuasiveness. Often, people find themselves convinced of ideas that they were once in opposition to. In the end, others are attracted to ENFJs because they are typically forthright, earnest, and diplomatic.

Drawn Toward Possibilities

Though they may not intuitively realize it, ENFJ types are intensely optimistic. They see life's possibilities within circumstances that initially seem devoid of them. They're excited by the opportunity to formulate plans in order to leverage these possibilities. But, they are decidedly less enthusiastic when faced with the task of bringing those plans to fruition. Their focus is exclusively on people. And when ENFJs have the chance to inspire those people to achieve their potential in life, they will abandon the monotony of their daily routine to do so.

ENFJ Personality And Strengths

ENFJs' greatest strength lies in their interpersonal skills. Their enthusiasm, persuasiveness, and ability to build a consensus all rely upon their noteworthy talents in forming connections with people. They do so through rousing communication, careful tact, and charming diplomacy. They are naturally inclined to place the needs and desires of other people above their own, finding significant, if fleeting, joy in supporting and encouraging them.

Potential Weaknesses

While others are attracted to ENFJs' inherent charisma, they can often feel emotionally ostracized from people. This is due to their tendency to repress their own feelings and emotions while supporting others. They have a deep love and understanding for people, but often sacrifice their personal expression to promote those of others. As a result, ENFJs may eventually feel as if they're losing their sense of individuality, instead merely becoming an extension of those around them.

Another problem for ENFJs is their susceptibility to the criticism of other people. Even if that criticism is unfounded, they will often feel hurt simply for hearing it. Ultimately, ENFJs will need to navigate the treacherous waters of interpersonal relations without losing themselves in the process. Otherwise, they risk feeling unsatisfied regardless of how effectively they promote the potential of those around them.

Curious to find out if you're an ENFJ?
You might be! Find out now by taking one of our popular personality tests below!

MBTIŽ Step I Profile (Form M)
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