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ENFP - The Torch Of Inspiration

ENFP Summary: enthusiastic, initiating, anticipates the needs of others

ENFPs focus most of their attention on what happens around them. That is, they internalize very little and instead, experience life by perceiving and studying relationships between people, animals, nature and structures. ENFPs can inspire people both through their natural curiosity and their energetic approach to problems and team projects. They are most comfortable when in the company of others and have the ability to quickly make connections with other people. Below, we'll explain how ENFPs enjoy an innate faculty for intuition, their penchant for feeling and how their lives are often buffeted by the very traits others admire.

Making The Connection

The attribute that is most clearly defined in ENFPs is their ability to observe the world in their immediate experience and identify connections. They can recognize elements that seem completely unrelated and develop relationships between them. While others may retire an unresolved problem, ENFPs will create imaginative solutions that may seem odd to other people. This is largely due to their intuition and capacity for noticing patterns. Because of their intuition, ENFPs are easily drawn toward relationships with people. And their natural passion for life tends to excite those who are around them.

Feeling Things Out

ENFPs have an inborn ability to feel what others are feeling. They can sense anger, joy and other emotions in people. This allows them to adapt to the needs of others in order to inspire and encourage them. ENFPs also tend to place great importance upon the emotions of others. Because of their inclination to observe and enjoy the world around them along with their heightened intuition, they're wont to be particularly interested in developing personal relationships.

Giving Some Thought

ENFPs gradually develop the capacity to think things through carefully. That being said, this trait is not a strong one and despite their intuition, it can lead them to develop faulty or inaccurate conclusions. When used judiciously, their process of thinking can be used to great advantage, especially in circumstances which require innovative or inventive ideas. ENFPs can also sense things around them, though their ability to do so is often superseded by their intuition (a far stronger trait for this personality).

Potential Weaknesses

While ENFPs are gifted extroverts and can quickly intuit how seemingly disparate elements are connected, they also have difficulty in completing what they start. This is due to their tendency to drift toward new and exciting ideas. New projects invigorate them. The beginning of personal relationships excite them. Unfortunately, ENFPs entertain new ideas and possibilities to the point that they become easily bored with the status quo. When constrained to monotonous activities, they might feel stifled. While their ample charisma attracts others and their intuition can often be invaluable, they're not without their shortcomings. ENFPs must learn to rein themselves in lest they leave waves of unfinished work in their wake.

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