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ENTJ - Leading With Confidence

ENTJ personality types are born to lead. More than most other personalities, they have the drive, mental acuity, and focus to analyze situations, see the broader picture, and devise creative solutions. They do well in the corporate world, attracted by complex issues. And they tend to rise quickly through the ranks to assume positions and responsibilities that constantly put their natural traits to the test. When placed in an environment that challenges them properly and offers the opportunity to assume a leadership role, ENTJs are often indefatigable. Below, we'll describe their natural ability to lead and make decisions. We'll also explain how their best traits can potentially lead to problems.

Natural Leaders

While some types shun a leadership role, people with the ENTJs type chase it. They are drawn to the challenge of approaching a problem, producing a solution, and directing a team to implement that solution. They're able to make decisions quickly without faltering on the uncertainty that other people feel. This trait encourages others to gravitate toward ENTJs, willing to be directed.

One of their biggest strengths as leaders is found in their ability to understand and simplify complex issues. Their characteristic intuition allows them to analyze these issues in light of a larger scope, making them ideal corporate or military leaders. However, their instinctive aversion to emotion often prevents them from understanding the feelings of those whom they lead.

Decisions Come Quickly

People with the ENTJ personality type have a nature that blends significant self-confidence with an analytical mind. They typically arrive at solutions more quickly than others and can easily identify the actions that need to be taken to yield a given result. Meanwhile, their confidence in their own analytical processes allows them to implement their solutions without questioning whether those solutions will prove effective. It is this trait that makes ENTJs natural leaders. They quickly review a situation, develop a course of action, and implement it with the help of others.

ENTJ Personality And Strengths

Despite their impassive method of making decisions and leading others, ENTJs can often exhibit sporadic emotions. However, they usually feel that such emotions are inappropriate and seek to hide them from others. That said, they enjoy interacting with other people and find conversation to be stimulating. When removed from the bustle of the corporate world, ENTJs make lively, loyal friends.

Potential Weaknesses

ENTJ types are often intimidating to other people. The traits that allow them to quickly analyze a problem, create a solution, and implement it quickly can often seem overly-assertive to others. Plus, their visible lack of patience for people who commit mistakes can make them seem unfriendly and standoffish. While it may be unnatural to them, ENTJs would do well to develop empathy for the feelings of others. Were they to do this, they might discover that such a balanced approach to other people can yield better results from their friends, family, and those they lead.

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